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Our dogs

click on the picture for their own page

Our Males

Our males are available for suitable and full tested bitches.


Incredible Batiskaj (FCI)
available for mating
lives with Charissa


Adorable Scotty Star of Havanna
not available for mating due to Suprelorin chip

lives with Charissa

 Our Females

Isn't she lovely v.h. Hondenpaleis

Just my mini-me v.h. Hondenpaleis

Love you a lot v.h. Hondenpaleis

Our beloved pets
(not for breeding anymore)

Baribal's Wild Rosebud

Enjoyable Jolly v.h. Hondenpaleis

Fluffy Attraction (FCI) Jesienna Anusia

~ Chihuahua ~

Elé Mano Gentis
lives with Charissa

Havanese specials
(these dogs have a special place in our hearts or were a part of our breedingprogram)

Pearl Eyed Bears Kensho
~ neutered ~
Kensho was our stud but the family he was living with are travelling a lot between the Netherlands and the USA so he couldn't stay.
Therefore Kensho was rehomed and found his forever family in Limburg. He is very happy and enjoys his retirement.

Glowing Geena v.h. Hondenpaleis
Glowy was born with us but lived with another family.
We are very happy with Glowy her daugther, our lovely girl Inessa (Isn't she lovely v.h. Hondenpaleis).


Lexion Tesoro Cubano (FCI)

Quiero came as new addition at our kennel. He was very sweet and enthusiastic but didn't fit in well. For his and the pack their happiness we decided, with grief in our heart, that he would be better in a home with not that many changes and just one other dog. The only family we trusted him to was Jolanda and our boy Jack from our J-litter. They are very happy together and it is an golden match. Best friends with Jack. Good luck sweet Quiero we will always love you!

Just my Princess v.h. Hondenpaleis

Siena lives with Mieke and Morris. She gave us our wonderful K-litter and was a great mother but is happier as a pet. So she wanted to stay with her best friend Morris.
We will miss you Princess but we hope you are happy at your forerver home.

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